Leadership Word Of The Week…Urgent

Perhaps you have heard; “what is urgent is seldom important and what is important is seldom urgent.”

In spiritual leadership, matters of true importance tend to be set aside for matters with the appearance of urgency. A friend of mine calls it the “tyranny of the urgent.”

These matters distract our focus and what should be most important.

They may come as an e-mail. Can we hear or feel the indicator; “you’ve got mail?” Do we immediately begin thinking, “I need to check my e-mail,” even though we are working on a project with a pressing deadline?

They may come as a phone call, text, IM, or a hundred other possibilities, all with the same result.

We allow situations to arise to the forefront, placing immediacy, a sense of urgency, in taking care of them “first” when, in reality, they are not important.

When we examine our spiritual leadership, what is really urgent? What requires our immediate attention and action? Do these matters distract us or aid us in what is most important?

We need to take what is truly important and make it urgent! Think Souls!!!

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