It Is Time…

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Now is the acceptable time.

However, we are masters in procrastination. When approaching projects, problems, and everyday life, we tend to think; “why do today what I can put off until tomorrow.” No longer!

Is there something in our life we have been waiting to do?
Is there an area of responsibility we have been putting off?
Is there a task we have been pushing to the back?

It is time…

It is time for leaders to stand up and lead.
It is time to be men and women of God.
It is time to fulfill our role as husbands / wives; fathers / mothers.
It is time for Christians to speak up about their faith.

We cannot change the past. We do not know the future. All we have is right now, and it is time.

Do not waste what God has given us.
Do not wait until a new year begins.
Take advantage of the time we have been given and begin now!

It is time to make a difference.

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