It’s All In The Plan…

Planning is vital to achieving goals. The challenge of leadership is developing the plan. The right plan depends on the answer to several questions.

What goal(s) are we trying to reach?

Why is this goal important to the overall program, or is it?

Who will help carry out the plan? Will there be enough?

Are adequate resources available for each stage of the plan? If not, can they be obtained?

When will evaluation of the progress be scheduled? Are we prepared to make adjustments?

How can we achieve maximum involvement? Will we be able to get everyone on board?

Where do we go from here? Once the goal is reached, what will be done to follow up?

If we can determine the answers to these questions, we will have the foundation for a solid plan.

Ultimately, spiritual leadership is involved in helping lead others to heaven. God established a plan from before the foundation of the world, and the answer to every question is given in His word.

It is all in the plan. If we will follow we can lead others in reaching the goal.

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