Learning To Listen… Part 2

Why is it so hard to be good listeners? Why do we strive to be heard? Why is it more about winning the argument than listening to why we argue?

It is a fairly common problem in communication. People want to be heard, but often realize no one is listening. It can be frustrating.

What can be done to improve our listening ability?

Remove distractions. This seems easy enough. It is hard for me to listen to you when I am focused on something else.

Find a quiet place. This should naturally follow. Time in a quite place makes listening much easier and beneficial.

Devote time to listen. We are a busy people, always rushing from one project to the next. We need to set aside time to specifically listen to each other.

Stop thinking of a response. This can be difficult. It is much easier to think about what needs to be said next, than to listen first and then think of an appropriate response.

These are a few suggestions. However, if we apply them well, our ability to listen increases and communication improves.

1 comment on “Learning To Listen… Part 2

  1. David Malley says:

    I really liked your listening articles Bob. Especially with my new relationship, listening is something I am actively learning to do. Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

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