The Perpetual Learner…

One of the most dreaded diseases in leadership is the “destination disease.” The idea represents the thought of having finally made it.

The destination disease is common in the academic world as students complete a course(s) or reach graduation. The tendency is to think it is done. There is no need to study any more. There is no need to pursue more education. After all, what is left to learn?

Leadership cannot afford to develop or allow others to develop this mindset. Leaders and followers must be perpetual learners.

Donald Norris, President of Strategic Initiatives, identifies perpetual learning as “much more than lifelong learning on steroids. It is different from lifelong learning in every way.”

The idea is more about learning every day, viewing growth in knowledge as a way of life rather than an activity of life.

The value of this approach produces three benefits:

…a better understanding of leading people.
…a better vision of the future.
…a better love for life.

When we are driven to learn from every person we meet, book we read, and experience in life, we grow as leaders.

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