Principles Of Leadership…

Each Monday for the next few weeks we are going to be looking at a specific principle of leadership. Within these principles we will also consider an application for our spiritual leadership today.

Leaders know who they are and always seek improvement.

One of the most challenging areas in leadership involves an honest self-examination. A good friend of mine who serves as the CEO for a multimillion dollar organization says leaders must constantly “assess, adjust, improve, make mistakes and own them.

We could appropriately describe this process as the cycle of leadership.

Seeking to improve ourselves in leadership is vital to the success of the family and church.

One way to improve is through asking some difficult questions.

Do we really want to be a leader?
What motivates our desire to lead?
Are we willing to make sacrifices to lead effectively?
Are we committed to continually developing our abilities to lead?

Other questions could be asked, but this provides a foundation to help us know who we are and our approach to improving leadership by this principle.

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