Leadership Word Of The Week…Cultivate

To acquire or develop, to win the favor of, prepare and use…cultivate.

The very definition of the word is powerful. Considering every area of leadership, we can see the need to cultivate.

Relationships must be cultivated. We work to acquire and develop relationships at every level.

Trust must be cultivated. We strive to win the favor of others so they will follow and work together.

Vision must be cultivated. We prepare the plans and use the resources available to achieve the goal.

These three areas are only the beginning in order to understand the necessity of cultivation.

Leaders must also understand the need to cultivate leadership. Where will leadership come from in the future if we are not cultivating leadership?

Acquiring and preparing others to lead is the determining factor for the success of the future.

Cultivate leaders by mentoring. The greatest way to invest in the future of leadership is to invest yourself in others.

Cultivate leaders by leaving a legacy. When we are gone, what will we leave behind? Will it be a foundation of integrity for the future?

Cultivate… a word demanding our action.

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