Leadership Word Of The Week…Stretching

After a recent 12-15 inch snowfall, I found the muscles in my back quite sore. Perhaps it has something to do with the hour of shoveling. It also reminds me of the need to stretch those muscles, applying a little ice and heat.

Once I start stretching I am quickly reminded of several important lessons.

I need to stretch, because I used (and perhaps overused) muscles I have not worked in a while (at least since the last snowfall).

Stretching helps in the overall recovery of the muscles involved in the work.

Consistent stretching over a few days brings growth and strengthening of the muscle.

Stretching is the ability to make longer and wider without tearing or breaking. The best approach is to only stretch a little at a time, hold for about 6-8 seconds and then relax. The repetition allows for the development of flexibility and relief.

When leaders use the idea of stretching the vision, the goals, and the development of the team, the result brings needed recovery, growth, strength, and creating flexibility.

Overall, there is benefit in the repetition of the process. Stretching develops quality leaders.

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