Ushering In The New Year…

Saturday will bring an end to 2011 and Sunday begins 2012.

A large portion of our population will make “new year’s resolutions.” What is it about the ending of one year and the beginning of another that entices us to make resolutions?

If there is something we need to do, physically or spiritually, and it is good for us, why would we wait to begin?

If we need to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, spend time with family, get involved with the church, or develop a better relationship with God, why wait?

The beginning of the week, the start of another year, or accomplishing a goal does not justify procrastination.

Oddly enough the majority of people who make new year’s resolutions will not keep them. In fact, there are those who make resolutions with no intent of ever keeping them.

Now is the acceptable time.
Now is the day of salvation.
Now is all we know with certainty.

Reflecting on the past year and looking ahead into the new should motivate us to act now!

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