Just A Second…

We have all heard someone say, or perhaps said ourselves “just a second.” Usually, it is the catch phrase we use when we are busy and someone else (generally our children) is asking for our attention.

Just a second…

The value of time is a matter of perspective. In the mind of a child, time is really incomprehensible. However, the value of time is priceless.

For adults, all we know and comprehend is time. We even measure distance by how long it takes to reach our destination. However, the value we place on time is based on what we can earn in a space of time.

Of all people, spiritual leaders not only need to comprehend the idea of time, but they must place a greater value on time.

A time is coming when the existence of time will no longer exist. We really cannot comprehend the idea of eternity. What we do need to understand is how we use our time now determines our eternity.

Make the most of your time…Think Souls!

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