It Had To Be Different…

We could list several reasons why people are resistant to change, from being comfortable with the status quo to fear of drifting from the truth.

Perhaps we should emphasize not all change is good, but not all change is bad either.

Change for the sake of change is not always the right approach.

Biblically, the idea of change is found in the word “repentance.” We make a masterful change in life when we choose to follow Jesus as Lord. As Christians, we continue to make changes as we grow and mature.

The problem we often face in leadership addresses the traditions of how “things” have been done for the past umpteen years.

Again, traditions are not bad, unless we are so bound to them we place them on a level at or above God’s word.

Our methods (NOT THE MESSAGE) may need to be changed. I am not advocating change just to do things differently, but if the change increases interest and involvement, if it does not violate God’s word, then why would we resist?

It may just be good food for thought.

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