Principles Of Leadership… #4

Make sound and timely decisions.

We have talked about being decisive in the past. The principle is timeless. However, there are two key elements to this principle we need to develop.

The first element involves sound decisions. The soundness of a decision is subjective, based on the moral compass of the individual. From a spiritual leadership perspective, the soundness of one’s decisions is based on a Biblical compass. The word of God provides spiritual leaders with the foundation upon which all decisions are made.

The second element involves the word timely. We have all heard, and perhaps experienced, the idea of “timing is everything.” With much prayer and study, spiritual leaders seek to make decisions in keeping with God’s timing. Our impatient, or even impetuous, approach to decisions can create greater difficulty in our leadership. Learning to allow God’s timing to develop will help us in making sound decisions.

When we make decisions that are both sound and timely, our leadership develops greater credibility.

We should also remember that the ability to make sound and timely decisions more consistently comes with the gaining of wisdom.

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