Leadership Word Of The Week…Direction

I live in a part of the world where I can easily identify direction. The mountains are always in the West, at least from where I live. Therefore, if the mountains are on my left, I know I am traveling north. If they are on the right, I know I am headed south.

I have also lived in and visited places where I had absolutely no idea of direction. I could not identify north from south, or east from west. It does not take long to recognize why it is so important to have direction.

Pilots fly by what is known as IFR (Instrument Flying Rules). IFR involves relying on a plane’s instruments instead of one’s own senses. Certain conditions can create a false sense of direction causing pilot error.

Leaders are involved in the task of providing direction for others. If we are to provide the right kind of direction, preventing error, we must use the true God given instrument.

God’s word is the only instrument needed if we are to provide true spiritual direction.

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