Moral Compass…

What is it and how does it work? We understand a compass refers to an instrument pointing direction. We would also understand morals as applied to right or wrong behavior.

Therefore, a moral compass would connect to a standard that points direction for one’s behavior or conduct, good or bad. The standard of one’s moral compass determines the outcome.

Knowing the influence we have as spiritual leaders, lights shining in a dark and sinful world, it is necessary to consider our conduct in connection to our moral compass. The standard for our moral compass must be calibrated by God’s word.

Our conduct then becomes an example of the standard established and set by God.

The challenge is found in the battle front of the fight; television, movies, marketing ads, and the world (as we would know it) everywhere we turn.

Another challenge involves preventing our personal opinions from becoming the standard we bind on others as a moral compass. If God’s word provides the basis for our moral compass, then personal opinions have no place.

It is challenging, no doubt, but the result will make a difference.

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