Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Watch me.” Malachi Ramseur

This quote comes from my, almost four year old, grandson. He is one of five and soon to be six grandchildren. I am constantly amazed at the lessons they teach me.

Recently, Malachi was visiting and he loves the bowling video game. On this occasion he was bowling and I was doing a little work on the computer. He kept turning around to make sure I was watching. I think he has eyes in the back of his head, because every time I would look down to type, he would say watch me. Like all children, he wanted praise and reassurance of doing a good job.

During several games I became aware of an interesting leadership connection. People want and need praise and reassurance they are doing a good job.

As leaders, our work is about moving people from point A to point B and the process in between is to praise and reassure them of the good job they are doing.

There is a question to consider. What if they are not doing a good job? My grandson has the answer; “help me.”

How is your leadership today?

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