Leadership Word Of The Week…Transparent

Being transparent involves seeing through something. The application of being transparent can be challenging when we are in leadership positions.

When we believe the discussions are always directed toward someone else, and never see the application to ourselves, we are not very transparent.

When we hide various areas of a personal nature, when it affects the whole group, we are not being transparent.

When we are working to accomplish our own agenda, regardless of the direction of other leaders, because we have an agenda we think is better, then we are not transparent.

Being transparent means we are willing to take instruction and make application to ourselves with no emphasis upon others.

Being transparent instills confidence in others that our efforts, personally and professionally, are always for the good of the entire group.

Being transparent involves an openness in our communication, laying everything on the table to be discussed, good and bad.

We need more transparency in leadership. This is exactly what we find in the example of Jesus, and it is exactly how we should approach our leadership in the church. Think Souls.

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