A Normal Life…

How would we define a normal life? At every level the idea is extremely subjective. Normal in one culture will certainly be different in another culture. As well, normal in the mind of a child will not be normal in the mind of an adult.

Regardless of how we might think about a normal life, there is nothing normal about spiritual leadership.

It is a fairly common idea that the higher one goes in leadership the less they have the right to think about themselves, quite contrary to the mindset of the world. The result shows spiritual leaders…

are concerned about the nature of their influence inside and outside the church.

live consistently with what they believe.

know the mission of God involves saving others, helping people get to heaven.

work for a cause far greater than themselves.

share the planning and development of the goals for spiritual maturity.

produce results that glorify God and fulfill His will.

Look at how the first word of each thought develops a spiritual leader. Spiritual leaders are those who live consistently, knowing the work they share in produces God’s desired will.

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