A Great Bible Leader…Josiah

Few Bible leaders top the leadership of Josiah. He was young when ascending to the throne. His leadership was extremely beneficial to the nation of Judah.

What was it about Josiah that made his leadership stand out?

Josiah did right in the sight of the Lord. Josiah brought powerful application of God’s word. He removed idolatry and caused Judah to enter into a covenant with the Lord. Throughout his lifetime they did not turn from following God.

Josiah walked in the ways of his father David. This stood in contrast to the leaders of Israel. He was not involved in David’s indiscretions, but David’s obedience to God. He did not turn to the right or left.

Josiah began to seek God. Josiah was active in learning and following God. When the book of the Law was found and read, his reaction was one of humility and inquiry. He desired to know how to observe God’s will.

The reign of Josiah is a record to help spiritual leaders learn a very simple formula with life long application to serving as God would have us serve.

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