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“The essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail.”  Edwin H. Land

Why is the fear of failure so prevalent in our society today? Whether school, family, business, or even the church, we fear failure.

We do not want to be known as someone who failed. Is failure something to be feared? Are there benefits to failing?

Fear of failing hinders us from seeing opportunities clearly. We become unnecessarily cautious.

Fear of failing lessens the creativity of our leadership. If allowed, fear limits our leadership.

Through failure, Edison learned what to do to invent the light bulb.
Through failure, Macy learned how to run a successful business.
Through failure, Orville and Wilbur Wright learned how to fly.

Failure can be devastating if we allow it. Instead we need to use the failures in our life to become the stepping stones to the power of success.

We are going to make mistakes. Some mistakes are unintentional and some are the result of bad choices. Regardless, the success of our leadership depends on how we look at and deal with the mistakes we make.

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  1. Robert Delzer says:

    Abraham Linclon failed at quit a few things in bussiness and politics before being elected president. He never allowed the failures to define him, just as we should not. Some times we have to fail before we can figure out how to succeed. Bob Delzer

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