Principles Of Leadership…#10

To lead yourself use your head. To lead others use your heart.

There are two parts to consider in this powerful principle. The first involves an inward focus and the second an outward. Sadly, we far too often see leaders using the opposite approach.

Using our head in leading ourselves means we:

…think before we speak or act.
…consider short and long term consequences of our words and actions.
…weigh the evidence and ask evaluating questions before making decisions.

Using our heart in leading others means we:

…devote ourselves to learning and serving the needs of others.
…prioritize our time toward maturity in relationship development.
…risk the temporary satisfaction for the eternal gain.

This principle of leadership is not always easy to put in place. There are going to be challenges internally and externally. However, if leaders work to develop and practice a more “others interest” in their leadership, it will change the future.

Leadership is worth the time we take to ensure we are invested in leading others in preparation to stand before God.

Souls are precious. Let us always be mindful to lead others with our hearts. Think Souls!

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