Extreme Or Balanced?

How many times in the political arena do we hear the thought expressed of someone being extreme left or extreme right?

Being extreme, however, is not limited to the political arena. We quite often find the beast of extremism within the church.

In the limited time I have been given on earth, I have personally seen numerous “issues” that have become a major hobby horse for well intended brethren.

They became so dogmatic or extreme in their approach to these issues it led to, 1) a division in the church, 2) leaving for a more liberal mindset, 3) attending with another congregation, or 4) leaving to start their “own.”

We do not find these options in scripture.

Only Christ has the power to remove the candlestick from any congregation.

Our responsibility is to learn the difference between Biblical doctrine and personal opinion.

Spiritual leadership is about finding the proper balance to maintain the unity needed with the Lord’s church.

In a time where people are trying to prevent the world’s influence on the church, let us not become so extreme that our actions portray what we are trying to prevent.

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