A Great Bible Leader…Paul (Part 1)

One article will not be enough to share every aspect of why Paul was a great leader. However, I will at least share three of my favorite reasons today.

Passionate: Few can measure the depth of passion found in Paul. Even as a persecutor of the church, he pursued it with passion. However, he raised his level of passion when he became a defender of the faith. Read Philippians 3:4-11 to see Paul’s passion for the Lord and His cause.

Bold: The book of Acts unfolds numerous events in Paul’s journey for Christ. Boldness characterized every step in his approach to the work. He asked the church to pray for his boldness and it was demonstrated throughout his ministry.

Selfless: Paul held no concern for himself or his own comforts. He was willing to give up everything for the gospel. He was willing to become all things to all men to save some. He endured great hardship so others might learn about Jesus.

He was / is a great Bible leader. If we approached our leadership with the passion, boldness, and selflessness of Paul, we could change the world.

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