Leading Others…

A few months back, a visiting police offer spoke to a group of students about their role as leaders in dealing with Conflict Management and Problem Resolution.

The entire presentation was powerful and practical. The information equipped everyone to examine how to approach the various areas of life that create stress.

As an introduction to the material, he spent time showing the similarities between police officers and preachers. I have to admit, there was much here I never considered before and, yet, the truth could not be denied.

I do not intend to go through the entire list, but suffice it to say there were more than just a few. However, there was one that stood out and made a connection to leadership: “we desire to help others.”

This is not intended to address both police officers and preachers who served with wrong motives, or whose actions spoke of such. It is simply to say, the majority of those involved in either field do so because they want to help others.

Here is my question to all of us as spiritual leaders: are we leading to help others? 

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