Picture Perfect…

Over the years I have taken many pictures; pictures of the kids as they were growing up, pictures of the grandkids as they are growing up now, people and places all over the world. I am constantly amazed at all the details (most of which I know very little about) needed for the perfect picture.

I have looked at many photos by others and think, “How beautiful.” At times I look at a picture and think, “It’s perfect.”

We tend to know something is just right when we see it.

How does our spiritual leadership look? Is it picture perfect?

When others look at our leadership do they see something beautiful?

Perhaps the question we need to ask is how can we know if our leadership is picture perfect?

There is a mirror into which we can look for the answer to our questions. God’s word is the mirror, the perfect law of liberty.

When we take our leadership and examine it within God’s word, we will discover the standard wherein our leadership must be measured.

To be picture perfect, we will need to look deeply and make application.

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