A Great Bible Leader…John Part 2

Through John’s writings we learn about the type of leadership he provided for the church. Several areas point to qualities of a great Bible leader and provide an example for us today.

Fellowship: John understood the value of fellowship among Christians and with the Lord. As he wrote to the church he emphasized the need for them to join this fellowship. He also urged them to walk in the light so they might have fellowship with God.

Vision: John knew the future of the church depended on men who were willing to work in the fields of harvest. He also knew it would take the church’s willingness to support such men.

Servant: John’s writings about Jesus as a servant were followed by his own example to the church. Reading through his letters and the Revelation show the qualities of servant leadership.

We need to encourage fellowship among God’s people and with the Lord. We should have and cast vision for the future. Even though it goes without saying (and we have said it before) leaders are servants. These qualities make a great Bible leader.

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