Where Will You Lead?

Answering questions can be challenging. Some questions can make us very uncomfortable, at least they do me.

How will we provide an answer in our leadership? To whom will we answer for our leadership?

The truth remains! We are going to lead, the question is where will we lead?

Are we leading others to a better life in this present world, or in relationship to God?

Do our words and actions provide a leadership of hope eternally?

Will keeping ourselves reclusive from the world lead souls to Christ?

Does a condescending message lead to the building up of the body?

Is it possible for our arrogance to lead others to humble obedience?

Will others view our leadership as serving others or serving ourselves?

Why are we leading?

Leadership is not intended to be disheartening or discouraging. We are challenged to lead in the greatest arena, with the greatest motive, for the greatest cause.

Where will we lead?

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