Leadership Word Of The Week…Student

By the time you read this post I will be in class. Interestingly, I will be taking a class on “Character, Community, and Leadership.”

I have to say I love being a student. There is something special about the opportunity to learn from others, either from a book, in a classroom, experience, or one on one.

I also have to say some lessons are easier to learn than others. There are some lessons I do not like learning, even though I know they must be learned.

Being a student is one of the vital needs of leadership.

As I have mentioned before, we must be cautious to avoid what others have referred to as the “destination disease.”

We never want to reach a point where we think we have made it, there is no need to learn any more. When this happens there should be a huge red flag that goes up that says, “Warning.”

Throughout life there will be numerous lessons to learn. We need to take advantage of every opportunity to be a student. Doing so will improve our leadership.

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