It’s Not About Me…

The very thought strikes at the heart of the problem in our culture. It is not a new problem.

This problem has been around for millennia of time.

Biblical leadership can never be about you or me. If is not about us, then what is our leadership about?

It’s about God. Every thought, word and action needs to be determined by and focused on our God. The development of our character and service is oriented toward more godlike qualities. We are to glorify Him, lift Him up, and point others to Him.

It’s about others. Maybe it is just me, but the word “leading” and the idea of leadership exude others. We are in the business of leading people. I realize some leaders are leading with ulterior motives and people suffer as a result. Our leadership as Christians is necessitated by helping others come to God.

If we really want to make a difference and leave a dynamic legacy, then we need to understand the nature and purpose of our leadership. It is about God first and, second, it is about others.

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