Doubting Thomas…

Thomas often receives the greatest criticism when it comes to his desire to see the hands and side of Jesus where the spear was thrust.

However, scripture teaches us all the apostles fled when Jesus was condemned to die. They all initially doubted the reports by the women who had seen Jesus. Why then does Thomas stand out as a lesson in leadership?

Thomas, when he was approached by Jesus, acknowledged two powerful thoughts; the authority of the resurrected Savior and the deity of Jesus. His claim was, “My Lord and my God.”

It should not take a visible manifestation of Jesus for us to recognize that the whole of who and what we are is directly connected to Jesus as Lord.

As well, an understanding of the deity of Jesus is foundational to understanding our role as spiritual leaders. This is the reason for our leading others to Him.

Thomas was one who challenged the report of the apostles, as demonstrated in his expression of doubt. However, once he saw Jesus, he did not hesitate to confess what all leaders should place at the foundation of their leadership.

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  1. Excellent thoughts, as always! Thomas gets a bad rap. Thomas is said to have traveled further than any of the other apostles in mission efforts, finally being speared to death in Tamil Nadu, India, where the gospel has been enjoying great success again in recent decades.

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