Leadership Word Of The Week…Shape

Our world is filled with all kinds of shapes. Some shapes are round, some are square. Shapes can take the form of an octagon or triangle. There are shapes that are long and short, deep and wide.

We could safely say there is just about a shape for anything and everything that might exist.

What shape does our leadership take? We will not be able to provide an exhaustive list. However, it could take the shape of…

dictatorship, where the leadership is conducted by force of arms and no work is done except by force.

representation, where the leadership speaks as representing others, the basis of democracy.

…the status quo, where the leadership does little or nothing to get out of the comfort zone.

paternalism, where the leadership is more fatherly and groups tend to worship the leader.

sacrifice, where the leadership seeks the greatest good for all.

Each of these areas could play a part in what shapes us as a leader. However, if our leadership is shaped by sacrifice, the spiritual health and wellbeing of others improves.

Leadership then shapes eternity.

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