What Really Matters?

When we boil it all down, what really matters?

We can sure make life complicated, and I am guilty as charged. I can quickly get caught up in some of the most trivial pursuits and lose focus of what really matters.

Please do not misunderstand. I know there is a place for work to provide for our families. I know we need time for rest and recreation. I also know there are family responsibilities.

I am not attempting to pull us away from the major areas of our life. I am simply asking what really matters with respect for these major areas?

If we believe that spiritual and eternal matters are to be the priority, then why would we spend our lives focused on areas that seem so temporary in nature?

If we can agree (and I believe we do) on the priority of the spiritual matters, then my prayer is we will see how this priority then influences our work, rest and family responsibilities.

Let us all lead with our priorities firmly established and influence the major areas of life in ways to make heaven that much sweeter.

1 comment on “What Really Matters?

  1. ramseur says:

    This is applicable in so many areas: the manner in which we resolve conflict, what we see as “actual” conflict, preaching what is priority (and not merely what interested us that week), etc.. If priorities were truly put in the right place, and God was seen in all of the priorities, the church would be a place more people would want to take part. Suicide rates within the church would drop. Divorce rate would drop. Sadly, this week has brought on both of those in the realm of mine and Bri’s life. It’s all due to misplaced priorities.

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