Life On The Vine…

The subtitle of this book by Philip Kenneson indicates the main direction of the writing. It is a rich study of Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit in Christian Community.

Kenneson examines each part of Paul’s list and considers how it was seen in the Old and New Testaments. He further discusses an application of how the fruit should be cultivated in the lives of Christians today.

One primary thought hit home regarding the nature of this book in connection to leadership. Kenneson speaks often about the “other-directed” nature of Christianity.

From a leadership point of view, this book involves helping us see the need to consider all of the fruit of the Spirit in a way that is directed toward others.

Initially, it seems logical to think about how we are to develop the fruit of the Spirit in our own lives in contrast to following after the deeds of the flesh, a more inward direction.

However, take a look at each one and think about them in connection to how they are to be cultivated toward others. It is a book I recommend for each leader.

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