Leadership Word Of The Week…Challenge

When I think about our word of the week, a number of thoughts come to mind.

The word can be used in a setting of conflict with a desire to reach a solution, not always of the fruitful kind. “I challenge you to a dual.”

This word can indicate the magnitude, and perhaps difficulty, of achieving a specific goal. “The challenge before us is to reach five thousands souls in the next five years.”

We also find this word used as an objection. “Our purpose of assembling today is being challenged by another organization.”

At times the idea also expresses a motivational tactic to create action. “I challenge you to reach out and talk to others about Jesus.”

Our leadership will face many challenges, many of which may fall into one or more of the categories listed.

Leadership exists in the face of challenge at every level. Martin Luther King, Jr. indicated the true measure of our character will be determined by where we stand in the times of that challenge.

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