Leadership Word Of The Week…Exceptional

I love this word. It has to do with being outstanding, something out of the ordinary, unusual and something not typical.

This word is applied in many different areas of life from our homes to the work place.

However, for the sake of our purpose in The Leadership Fund, it must apply to our spiritual leadership. Thus, we are left with a few questions: How would our leadership be characterized? Would the word exceptional fit in the equation? Are we pursuing a leadership that is exceptional?

Examining the approach to leadership within the secular world leaves us considering a path out of the ordinary. A servant approach to leadership quickly demonstrates the atypical mindset in leading.

The very thought of focusing on the needs of others above our own personal goals, ambitions, desires, etc. is not the usual or ordinary approach to leading.

Spiritual leadership should always demonstrate an exceptional quality. From the motive to the activity, others can easily spot exceptional leaders.

A little self-examination will go a long way to helping us step up our leadership as exceptional.

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