For Life…

Have you ever considered the power behind two simple words, for life?

What does it mean when we accept a responsibility for life? Do we understand the value and intent behind a commitment for life?

I recently had opportunity to perform a wedding ceremony for two friends. It is exciting to see all the work that goes into making 25-30 minutes the most special half hour in the lives of two people.

As the vows were exchanged, the thought of the words for life took on a new significance.

There will be challenging days ahead, but they will be faced together because of these two words.

Family problems will arise, both within and without, but they will be met when for life is understood.

Difficulties with health will occur, but they will be overcome when faced for life.

Leadership is the same. Assuming we understand our influence on someone each day, we are going to lead. It must be for life.

It is an opportunity, not a chore. It is a privilege, not drudgery.

We can make a difference when we know it is for life.

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