Face Time…

As a grandparent I have grown to love Face Time. If you are unfamiliar with this technological advancement, it is simply a means of seeing people face to face electronically when you are talking to them. Perhaps you can see the benefit now.

The use of Face Time has some relevance and significance to leadership.

You must have a connection to use it. The internet connection is necessary to access Face Time. Are we connected to others who are following? Can we really see them and their needs?

The stronger the connection, the greater the ability to communicate. This one generally escapes leaders. The value of a strong connection to others enhances our ability to lead powerfully.

The connection is most effective when we can see others. I am not opposed to an electronic form of communication…obviously. I also understand the value of a phone call. However, I have experienced the best results when being able to see someone face to face.

There is something special about being able to lead face to face. Try a little Face Time and see if it makes a difference.

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