Leadership Word Of The Week…Light

Throughout the Bible we find an emphasis upon light, from the beginning (when it was created) to the illumination provided by Christ in the eternal dwelling of heaven.

God is said to be light and there is no darkness in Him. Jesus is called the Light of the world.

Israel was to be a light to the nations. Christians are to be a light to the world.

We are to walk in the light and let our light shine.

While there is more, think for a moment about the light of our leadership.

The role of spiritual leaders has a twofold purpose.

One, we are to lead those who are in darkness into the light of Christ. Here salvation is gained and hope is enjoyed.

Two, we are to help those who are children of light continue walking in the light. Here salvation is maintained and hope for the future is given.

If we can channel our focus in these two areas, our leadership will reach its greatest significance and others who follow will truly be eternally grateful.

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