What Questions Will We Ask?

One of the most fascinating studies of the Bible involves questions. Examining the questions asked by God and Jesus can be very convicting.

Does God ask because He does not know? Of course not. He asks because He wants us to know.

God asked Adam and Eve “where are you?”  Why? He wanted them to realize what they had done and where it put them in relationship to Him. Do we know where we are in relationship to God?

After an amazing discussion between Jesus and the apostles concerning His leaving and they could not follow, Peter expresses vehemently that he is willing to lay down his life for Jesus.

Jesus simply asks “will you lay down your life for Me?” Of course, we know a short time later Peter denied Jesus three times, just as Jesus foretold. Would we be willing to die for Jesus? Are we willing to live for Jesus? I am convinced, if we are not willing to live for Him, we would never be willing to die for Him.

Take a moment and ask yourself a few questions and think about your answers.

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