Leadership and Self-Deception…

If there is one book you need concerning leadership, this is it. I realize there are a number of great books on leadership, and I have not read them all (or ever will).

However, Leadership and Self-Deception is one of the best I have read. This book is from The Arbinger Institute and is written as narrative. There are numerous lessons to learn about relationships from this material, but let me share the basic idea.

When we know the right decision to make, and do not make it, we betray ourselves getting into a box of self-deception.

Once we do, everything changes. We tend to elevate our own position, abilities, and motives to justify our choice. As well, we begin to disparage others, their motives, abilities, attitudes, work ethic, all in an attempt to justify ourselves.

The vicious cycle created keeps us in conflict with someone else. We blame others for the problem, yet it really all stems back to the choice we made and our need to justify that choice.

Would you like to know how to get out of the box? Read the book.

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