The Coming Of Globalization…

The arrival of globalization is more accurate. It is no longer a matter of if or when. Globalization is here and now! We are not waiting for the coming of globalization.

How many times have we heard or thought to ourselves the world is sure getting smaller?

With the touch of a button on a keyboard messages can be communicated on the other side of the world.

Skype has certainly had a part in shrinking the size of our planet.

While we could go on with a list of areas attributing to the global impact occurring in the twenty-first century, there are several questions we need to consider.

Are we aware of global changes? Economically? Politically? Socially? Culturally Religiously?
Have we considered how to embrace these changes?
Does our current plan involve a domestic or global approach?
How are we preparing our leadership within a global context?

These are only a few questions we need to address within the Lord’s church. We are no longer waiting. The world is on our doorstep now!

We need to be taking steps to lead with a global view in mind.

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