Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“This is a world of white water where we have to change to survive; where we have to develop to thrive; and, paradoxically, where the very act of change increases the risk that we won’t survive.” Randall White, Phillip Hodgson and Stuart Craine, The Future of Leadership: A White Water Revolution

I am not one who really likes taking risks. I also know the challenge of taking risks that are too great.

However, this quote is interesting. It speaks of the incredible changing world we live in and the need to make changes to survive in it. As well, there is a need to grow, developing for success, knowing the very risk we are taking could lead to failure.

Consider a few areas where we need to take a risk by learning to say yes as leaders!

Say yes to teach a Bible class, lead prayer, fill in when the preacher is away, or go across the street and ask someone for a Bible study.

Saying yes does involve taking a risk, but the opportunities for personal growth and changing the eternal destiny of someone else are worth it!

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