Safety Cover…

I have a cover on my Bible to protect it. In case I drop it or need to lay it down where the sun might shine directly on it, I want to make sure I take good care of this gift.

I began thinking about the importance of providing leadership that ensures safety. How can we best provide this safety? Developing the 3 C’s is at least one approach.

Communication: One of the greatest challenges in the successful operation of any area of work is effective communication. Developing effective communication is a two way street involving skills that provide adequate information and being a good listener.

Consistency: We must guard against hypocrisy. Followers are not looking for perfection. However, they are looking for consistency. What we profess and how we live should match. Developing consistency is vital for safety.

Compassion: Do others know we care about them? Are we there when they have a physical, emotional, or spiritual need? The compassion we demonstrate can be one of the most important areas of safety.

Our efforts to help others feel safe ensures growth and development for the Lord’s kingdom.

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