Who Is Leading Who?

As I observe our grandchildren growing up, an interesting question comes to mind; who is really leading who?

While I would like to think, and I do, that as parents and grandparents we have a powerful influence in the development of these little lives as they grow.

However, it is interesting how they have ways of leading in their own right.

They know how to get everyone’s attention and quickly.

They know how to follow, even when it is not exactly the direction they want at the time.

They know they must learn how to work together with others, even though it is challenging for a child.

They know the value of giving love unconditionally, even when they have their feelings hurt.

They freely forgive and move on without a holding grudge.

Perhaps most important, they know that unsolicited hugs and good manners usually get them what they want.

Review this list and think about leadership. While we are to have influence in the lives of others, and I believe we do, perhaps a leadership lesson from children would help us all improve in our ability to lead.

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