Leadership Word Of The Week…Privileged

The news media recently discussed an ad dealing with the privilege of being a “white” American. One of the striking comments involved the privilege of being an American.

We are all aware of the challenges of racism and the problems resulting from such arrogance, hatred and aggression. Apart from the fact it is Biblically wrong, there are a number of elements that make it socially wrong as well. However, the true privilege within our world today is twofold.

The first is the privilege God has given us to be His children. In a world where 50% of the population has never heard the name of Jesus, consider why you and I were privileged to hear the name of Jesus and the good news of His life, death and resurrection.

Second, we find privilege in the opportunity given to lead. The need for leaders is obvious on numerous fronts. However, the need for spiritual leadership increases even further considering the number of people who have no hope.

While giving thought to the idea of privilege, let us focus on the responsibility we have because of the privilege given each of us.

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