Ulterior Motive…

The motive behind our words and actions is always critical to the success of our leadership. We can also be quick to challenge the motives behind the words and actions of others.

It can be very disturbing when we learn someone has ulterior motives. The idea of an ulterior motive indicates a hidden agenda that goes beyond the obvious or stated.

The difficulty that often accompanies an ulterior motive is being able to prove the motive. We tend to make accusations about the motives of others because we assume, based on words and actions, the individual has a hidden agenda.

This may or may not be true, but there is a truth here we need to consider. Simply stated, we cannot always know the ulterior motive of others, but we do know our own intent.

True spiritual leadership will demonstrate a transparency supported by the word of God. Therefore, we should lead others openly, making sure our words and actions promote a pure and sincere motive to lead as God would have us lead.

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