From 30,000 Feet…

Several leaders I admire talk about leading from 30,000 feet. Recently, I was given an article about the Work of Leadership and one of the principles listed involved leaders “getting on the balcony.”

The idea behind this principle states that leaders need the ability to view the entire operation so they can see when and where to implement the needed changes for growth. Thus, within this context leading from 30,000 feet has meaning.

Leaders do have a responsibility of being “in the field of action,” but they must be able to move back up to the balcony to have a good view of the entire operation so they can use their time in the field wisely in bringing change.

From the balcony (or 30,000 feet) leaders can also see where problems develop, then get involved to help control the environment, maintain the necessary discipline, and give the work back to people.

When leaders in the Lord’s church lead from 30,000 feet they are able to address matters appropriately and provide the leadership God intends in helping others remain faithful in reaching heaven. Think Souls.

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