Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Malachi will translate for you.” Isaiah Ramseur

I enjoy spending time with my grandsons and I learn a great deal from them every time we are together.

Recently, our youngest grandson, Isaiah, was trying to tell me something. I could not understand what it was, so I looked at our son-in-law and said, “I need a translator.” Just then Isaiah says, “Malachi will translate for you.”

After a good laugh I could not help but think about how often we need someone to translate for us, even when we are speaking the same language.

It is not uncommon for leaders to use terminology that may not exactly communicate what others understand. As well, followers can speak in ways that leaders do not understand.

This may be a simple problem of listening, but it could also mean we need a translator. At times we all need someone who is able to understand what is being said and can communicate it in ways others understand.

Think about your leadership. Do others understand what you are communicating and the direction you are leading? If not, you may need a translator.

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