How Much Does Leadership Cost?

Determining the cost of various items or activities seems to be of interest to nearly everyone. What does it cost to get an education? What does it cost to raise a family? What does it cost to enjoy freedom?

What price will leadership pay to lead?

The answer to this question will certainly vary from one person to the next. As well, the type or style of leadership will also determine the answer.

The cost of leading a major corporation or country will be greater than leading a social club or small business.

Considering the cost of spiritual leadership will also involve a number of factors. We should remember that the value of spiritual leadership versus a business style of leadership cannot be measured.

The cost of leadership for Jesus involved his life. Somehow I have the feeling the same will be required of us, although not necessarily in physical death, but we should be ready and willing if so required.

Perhaps the most important thought to remember concerning the cost of spiritual leadership is one of being a servant. The cost involves putting others above ourselves. Think Souls!

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