A Step In The Right Direction…

Amidst the millions of choices we make in our lifetime, most are inconsequential. What type of clothes to wear for the day, and such like, are choices that have little bearing on others.

However, there are some choices that involve great consequences. For example, where to live, who to marry, children, raising children, etc., all deal with actions that will affect others and our society.

The greatest choice we make is connected to our relationship with God. The expression of our faith in a committed life as a servant of God affects far more than just our own eternal destiny.

If we are going to take a step in the right direction of leadership, then we need to make choices that will help others find the path to eternal life.

We share good news for overcoming the past. We give confidence for getting through the present. We provide hope for living in a better future.

Others are seeking someone to lead them in the right direction. Let us step up to the challenge and be leaders for the cause of our Lord.

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