Where There Is Only Peace…

Observation reveals a lack of peace at every level. A few moments of reading or watching the news will quickly indicate the desire to pursue peace, but most often it cannot be found.

Husbands and wives, parents and children, all desire peace. Educational leaders seek peace between staff and student. Political leaders strive to have peace between nations.

The challenge for leadership is discovering how to achieve and maintain peace. The problem is often found in efforts to simply eliminate conflict.

True peace can only be found through a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Examining scripture will show that Jesus is our peace. His purpose in coming to earth and going to the cross was to provide all nations with peace, uniting all people from every tribe and tongue into one body.

Our task as leaders is to help others find the only peace that will provide hope and unity found in the true Prince of peace.

When we think souls, there is a renewed purpose for helping others enjoy what only Jesus can give.

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